When I call 911 for a medical emergency, why does a fire truck and a rescue truck show up?

Delray Beach Fire Rescue personnel are cross trained as Firefighters and EMTs/Paramedics. The rescue truck (ambulance) has 2 Paramedics and the fire truck has 3 Paramedic and/or EMT personnel. The fire truck has the medical capabilities to treat any medical situation, except transportation to the hospital. With the amount of equipment available and to provide quality patient care; it is necessary to have at least 3 or 4 rescue personnel on scene.

What are your work hours?

DBFR works a 48 hour week, 24 hrs on and 48 hrs off. The personnel start at 0800 hours until 0800 hours the following day. DBFR has 3 shifts A, B, and C. There is never a time when we are not providing Fire/EMS services, even on Holidays.

Do the fire stations have kitchens?


Why do I see trucks at the grocery store everyday?

The City of Delray Beach does not provide food for Fire Rescue. The personnel usually bring lunch from home and cook dinner together. Typically, 5 dollars is put in by everyone at the station and one truck will shop for dinner. It is difficult to purchase several shifts of dinner due to the personnel changes at every station or shift.

Do you stay up all night?

When not responding to a 911 call, typically, after 5 pm, crews can exercise, prepare dinner, relax, nap, and study. On some nights we might sleep a few hours, but this is not that common at most of the stations.

How many stations are there?

6 Stations cover the 16 square miles of Delray Beach. We also serve Highland Beach and the Town of Gulfstream.

Why does the number of personnel vary at each station?

Station 5 is the Special Operations Station (Hazmat, Dive Rescue, Confined Space and High Angle Rope Rescue) and has a crew member assigned to the special operations truck. Station 1 is the Fire Department headquarters and has the EMS supervisor and the Battalion Chief at that location.

How are the sleeping arrangements when there are men and women at the station?

Back in the old days all crew would sleep in one large room. Nowadays, there is a long hallway with small cubicle rooms offset down a hall. No doors, just a privacy curtain. There is a men and a women’s bathroom provided. The officer’s at the station have private quarters with their own bathroom.